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こころがわり - Dirty Old Men
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New Year's Day - Animal Crossing Wild World/City Folk (Mallet Percussion Ensemble) - Trev
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花よ花よ - Lyu:Lyu
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Lon's namahousou (Feb 8, 2014)→

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 Jul 28, 2012

Dec 03, 2012

Feb 02, 2013

Aug 27, 2013

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Duel of Confessions→


Sakata:I love you… so, break up with your husband and come with me.”

Shima: "I want you to go out with me right now, the only answer I need is YES."

Sakata: "I want you to have my baby."

Shima: ”Stop doing everything alone… you’re not alone anymore.”

Sakata:For me, there’s…

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Lon was playing a game during her housou and there was part in which she had to defeat a dragon, and when she first saw it, she was just like…

Lon: Eh…? ha— haha… Eh? ha— All of a sudden? Eh? Ehh— err… ah! HUH? I HAVE TO FIGHT THIS?! This is too reckless, don’t you think? It’s too reckless www -the dragon starts attacking- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh— it’s impossible, impossible, impossible!!! I don’t understand, I don’t understand this at all!

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After Chomaiyo’s New Year’s greeting, Wotamin also greeted Soraru & Lon during their housou.

Soraru: Oh, Wotamin-san, happy new year~

Lon: …

Soraru: Lon-san, send your greetings.

Lon: Uhm?

Soraru: Wotamin-san just said “Lon-san, happy new year”

Lon: Eh?! That’s a lie! There’s no way that Wotamin-san knows Lon-san.

Soraru: Read the comment! You… www

Lon: Eh-Ehhh—

Soraru: Look, look at the comment!

Lon: Ehhh— this is a lie! It’s a lie, right?

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Lon www

Since she had forgotten what she had eaten (read this) and she still didn’t know what to talk about, she asked the listeners to tell her about their lunch, and with that, everyone was writing, ”Ramen, Onigiri, Udon, Melonpan, Omurice, Curry, etc…”

Then, Lon said ”Omurice…? Ahh— somehow it’s amazing~ it’s just like a Japanese person~” (…) and everyone was like “Ehhhhh—?! L-Lon-san… we’re Japanese wwwwwwwwwww”

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During Lon’s namahousou the other day, someone asked her to talk more, since she kept silence from time to time, just sighing or yawning w

Lon: There are still more things to talk about… right? Like… err… err… err… www err… ehh— there’s nothing in particular www AH! Ah— eh— ah! Eh… eh? There’s…

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Missing - androp
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